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National Bank of Ukraine


National Bank of Ukraine Logo

National Bank of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Національний банк України) is the central bank of Ukraine. The National Bank of Ukraine is a legal entity with separated property, which is the object of the state property. Its authorized capital amounts to UAH10 million and is the state-owned property which is in the full economic competence of the National Bank.


According to the Law of Ukraine 'On the National Bank of Ukraine', the National Bank is the central bank of Ukraine, a specific central body of the state administration, its issuing center which pursue common state policy in money circulation, credit, strengthening of monetary unit; it coordinates functioning of the banking system in general; determines exchange rate of the monetary unit against foreign currencies. The National Bank determines a kind of bank notes, their denomination, distinctive features and their protection system. The National Bank of Ukraine ensures the accumulation and custody of the gold and currency reserves and the conduction of transactions with them and the banking metals.

The National Bank of Ukraine sets up the order of determining a discount rate and other interest rates; it gives permission for commercial banks' registration and licenses banking business; determines the standard of emergency funds for commercial banks and other financial and credit institutions.

National Bank of Ukraine HQ Location Map

National Bank of Ukraine
HQ Address: 9 Institutskaya str.
Kiev 01601
Tel: +38 044 253 0180
Fax: +38 044 230 2033
Currency: Hryvnia
Banking Hours:
Monday - Friday : 8.30am - 4.00pm


According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the main function of the National Bank is to ensure the stability of Ukraine's monetary unit. To carry this out the National Bank fosters the stability of the banking system and, within its competence, price stability. The head office of the National Bank is located in Kiev which is the building constructed between 1902 and 1934.

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