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Central Bank of Venezuela


Central Bank of Venezuela Logo

The Central Bank of Venezuela (Spanish: Banco Central de Venezuela, BCV) is the central bank of Venezuela. It maintains a fixed exchange rate for the Venezuelan bolívar. It was established by virtue of a law promulgated on 1939. The major reform in the Bank’s legislation came about on December 4, 1992, when the BCV was given administrative autonomy, turning it into a public legal entity.


Until then, the Bank had been corporate in nature, a situation reflected in the make-up of its directorship. The production and circulation of notes throughout the whole national territory became the exclusive right of the Central Bank. The Central Bank’s current framework has been adjusted to meet the challenges and currents of a globalized world, where institutions such as the BCV use and value their independence as a means of reacting to the great changes occurring in the financial, banking and monetary spheres. In other words, the BCV has a very well-defined task with relation to three variables: money, credit and the exchange rate. The aim is to contribute to three overarching objectives: monetary stability, economic balance and well-ordered economic development.

The changes in the mission and philosophy of the Central Bank have been mirrored by changes in the buildings and spaces it occupies, brought about by the complexity of its functions and the growth in its influence in the country and society as a whole.

Central Bank of Venezuela HQ Location Map

Central Bank of Venezuela
HQ Address: Av. Urdaneta esq. Las Carmelitas
1010 Caracas
Tel: +58 212 8015 111
Fax: +58 212 8611 649
Swift Code: BCVEVECA
Currency: Venezuelan Bolívar
Banking Hours: Mon - Fri 8.30am - 3.30pm


As well as becoming a member of the international financial community, it has to operate alongside institutions or centers of economic power in spaces well fitted to the function it fulfils. In other words, the Bank’s image both inside and outside the country must be seen to have a suitably fitting image for its important public role.

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