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Central Bank of Seychelles


Central Bank of Seychelles Logo

Since its creation in 1978, the Seychelles Monetary Authority and, as of 1983 its successor the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS), have undergone various stages of adaptation with the aim of turning it into a modern and efficient institution, equipped to discharge its responsibilities with professionalism and efficiency. The CBS also advises the Government on banking, monetary and financial matters and in particular on the monetary implications.


The Central Bank of Seychelles Act, 2004 provides for the Bank to operate as an autonomous institution, reinforcing its status as the authority responsible for all monetary issues in the country and caters for the further development of the financial sector within the new economic environment. The main objectives of the Central Bank are:

  •  to promote price stability; and
  •  to maintain a sound financial system.

At Central Bank of Seychelles, monetary management is based on a monetary targeting framework with reserve money as the operating target of monetary policy. Reserve money consists of currency in circulation and commercial bank's deposits held at the Central Bank.

Central Bank of Seychelles HQ Location Map

Central Bank of Seychelles
HQ Address: Independence Avenue
Victoria, Mahé
Tel: +248 428 2000
Fax: +248 422 6104
Swift Code: SSCBSCSC
Currency: Seychelles Rupee
Banking Hours:
Monday - Friday : 8.00am - 2.00pm


The Central Bank of Seychelles has to ensures, through the application of modern management practices and technology, that all its activities are conducted effectively and efficiently.

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» Mauritius Commercial Bank (Seychelles) Ltd » Habib Bank Limited » BMI Offshore Bank Ltd

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