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Central Bank of Nicaragua


Central Bank of Nicaragua Logo

The Central Bank of Nicaragua (Spanish: Banco Central de Nicaragua) is the central bank of Nicaragua. Its operation began on January 1, 1961, as a institution with functional autonomy, indefinite duration, own capital and legal personality. The Central Bank is the state entity in charge of the regulation of the monetary system. The main objective of the Central Bank of Nicaragua is the stability of the domestic currency and the normal development of internal and external payments.


The Central Bank of Nicaragua therefore has to ensure that fiscal developments are consistent with monetary developments. As an autonomous and technical institution, Central Bank of Nicaragua responsible for the design and implementation of monetary and exchange policy, the normal development of internal and external payments, and acting as economic advisor and financial agent of the Government.

The Bank shall uphold core values that are an integral part of its vision, mission and corporate culture. In pursuit of this, the Bank shall uphold the following core missions:

  •  to exercise the privilege of issuing banknotes and coins that are legal tender in Nicaragua;
  •  to implement monetary policy instruments in order to ensure price stability;
  •  to see to the stability of the currency and to its convertibility;
  •  to attend to the smooth running of the money market and to ensure its control;
  •  to prepare and publish statistics on money and credit;
  •  to manage public exchange reserves;
  •  to monitor and ensure the security of payment systems and means as well as the relevance of the norms applicable to them; and
  •  to see to the smooth running of the banking system and to the enforcement of legislative and regulatory provisions relative to the exercise and control of the activity of credit institutions and similar bodies.


Central Bank of Nicaragua HQ Location Map

Central Bank of Nicaragua
HQ Address: KM. 7 Carretera Sur.
Tel: +505 2255 7171
Fax: +505 2265 0495
Swift Code: BCNINIMA
Currency: Córdoba
Banking Hours:
Monday - Friday : 8.00am - 4.00pm


Central Bank of Nicaragua is responsible for achieving the monetary policy objective in Kazakhstan, including determining the strategy, instrument and operational means for doing so, and for maintaining the stability and integrity of the monetary system of Kazakhstan.

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