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Central Bank of Lebanon (Arabic: مصرف لبنان‎, French: Banque du Liban, BDL) is the central bank of Lebanon. It was established on August 1, 1963 and became fully operational on April 1, 1964.


One of the main responsibilities of the bank is issuing Lebanon's currency, the Lebanese Pound. Other responsibilities include maintaining monetary stability, regulation of money transfers, and maintaining the soundness of the banking sector. Banking is a very important part of Lebanon's economy with over 100 different banks, which makes the role of BDL particularly important.

The BDL controls bank liquidity by adjusting discount rates, by intervening in the open market, as well as by determining credit facilities to banks and financial institutions. It regulates banks' credit in terms of volume and types of credit, by imposing credit ceiling, by directing credits towards specific purposes or sectors and setting the terms and regulations governing credits in general.

The BDL is vested by law with the exclusive right to issue the national currency. As stipulated by article 70 of the Code of Money and Credit, the BDL is entrusted with the general mission of safeguarding the national currency in order to ensure the basis for sustained social and economic growth. This mission consists specifically in:

    the safeguard of monetary and economic stability;
    the safeguard of the soundness of the banking sector;
    the development of money and financial markets;
    the development and regulation of the payment systems and instruments;
    the development and regulation of money transfer operations including electronic transfers;
    development and regulation of the clearing and settlement operations relative to different financial and payment instruments and marketable bonds.

In achieving the tasks above, BDL commits itself to providing effective support functions through a sound banking and financial control system, appropriate information system and the development of competent and qualified staff. Besides the head office in Beirut, it has branches in Aley, Baalbeck, Bikfaya, Jounieh, Nabatiye, Sidon, Tripoli, Tyre, and Zahlé.


Central Bank of Lebanon HQ Location Map

Central Bank of Lebanon
HQ Address: Masraf Lubnan Street
P O Box 11-5544
Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: +961 1 750000
Swift Code: BDLCLBBX
Currency: Lebanese Pound
Banking Hours:
Monday - Friday : 8.30 am - 12:30 pm


BDL accepts that the credibility of its policy and actions is a prerequisite for the attainment of its goals and that such credibility can only be achieved and maintained through independent action, firmness of principle, resoluteness and fixed intent.

List of banks in Libya governed by the Central Bank of Lebanon
Bank Name Telephone Fax Website
Gumhouria Bank (041) 631960-61 (021) 3610594
National Commercial Bank (021) 3612429 (021) 446705
Sahara Bank (021) 3332771 (021) 3337922
AL Umma Bank (021) 3332888 (021) 3332505
Wahda Bank (061) 24519 (061) 2224122
Commerce & Development Bank (061) 2229630 (061) 9097115
Aman Bank For commerce & Investment (021) 3350216 (021) 3350386 N/A
Al-Wafa Bank (021) 4815124 (061) 4815123
Alejmaa Alarabi Bank (061) 9090128 (061) 9099706
Mediterranean Bank (061) 9098386 (061) 9099564
National Banking Corporation (021) 4448623 (021) 3330896 N/A
Saving and Real-Estate Investment Bank (021) 4449306 (021) 4449309
Agricultural Bank (021) 333541 (021) 3333545 N/A
Development Bank (021) 4446622 (021) 4802048 N/A
Libyan Foreign Bank (021) 3350155 (021) 3350165
Alsaraya Trading And Devolpment Bank (021) 4447692 N/A N/A

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