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Central Bank of the Congo


Central Bank of the Congo Logo


The Central Bank of the Congo (French: Banque Centrale du Congo) is the central bank of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The bank's main offices are on Boulevard Colonel Tshatshi in La Gombe in Kinshasa. As the DRC is much larger than Alaska, the central bank has branches in Kamina, Kasumbalesa, Kikwit, Tshikapa, Ilebo and Matadi.


Under Law No. 005/2002 of 07 May 2002 on the establishment, organization and operation of the Central Bank of Congo, the Bank executes all the functions that a central bank traditionally performs as elsewhere in the world.

The core functions of Central Bank of the Congo are briefly discussed as follows:

  implement the country's monetary policy whose main objective is to ensure the stability of general price Congolese franc thus ensuring internal and external stability of the national currency;

   hold and manage the official reserves of the Republic;
   prescribe standards and regulations concerning foreign exchange transactions;
   participate in the negotiation of any international agreement involving payment methods and the implementation thereof;
   develop regulations and control of credit institutions, the microfinance institutions and other intermediaries;
   promote the smooth functioning of settlement systems and payment; and
   promote the development of money markets and capital.


Central Bank of the Congo HQ Location Map

Central Bank of the Congo
HQ Address: 563, Bld. Colonel Tshiatshi
BP 2627 Kinshasa 1
Democratic Republic of Congo
Telephone: +243 99 75 48 283
Facsimile: +243 81 30 10 959
Currency: Congolese Franc
Banking Hours:
Monday - Friday : 7.00am - 2.00pm


In achieving the functions as mentioned above, the Bank commits itself to providing effective support functions through a sound banking and financial control system, appropriate information system and the development of competent and qualified staff.


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