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Central Bank of Bahrain


Central Bank of Bahrain Logo

The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) was established in 1973 as the Bahrain Monetary Agency, shortly after Bahrain gained its independence from the United Kingdom.


As per Decree No. 64 of 2006 with respect to promulgating the Central Bank of Bahrain and Financial Institutions Law, the Bahrain Monetary Agency is now the Central Bank of Bahrain. The CBB is responsible for maintaining monetary and financial stability in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It succeeded the Bahrain Monetary Agency, which had previously carried out central banking and regulatory functions since its establishment in 1973 (shortly after Bahrain secured full independence from Great Britain).

The CBB's wide scope of responsibilities allows a consistent policy approach to be undertaken across the whole of the Kingdom's financial sector. It also provides a straightforward and efficient regulatory framework for financial services firms operating in Bahrain.

The Central Bank of Bahrain sets all the standards that each bank must comply at all times, including those relating to:

 • liquidity ratios of banking system in Bahrain;
 •  the used of capital in banking system;
 • It keeps and manages the foreign reserve of the Bahrain;
 • It acts as banker, advisor to, and as fiscal agent, of the government of the Bahrain;
 •  It has the exclusive right to issue and circulate the national banknote and currency; and
 • It licenses or revokes a license on exercising banking activity and supervises the banking activity to ensure the banking system stability.

Central Bank of Bahrain HQ Location Map

Central Bank of Bahrain
HQ Address: King Faisal Highway
Diplomatic Area
Block 317, Road 1702, Building 96
Kingdom of Bahrain
Telephone: +973 1754 7777
Facsimile: +973 1753 0399
Swift Code: BMAGBHBM
Currency: Bahrain dinar
Banking Hours:
Sunday to Thursday : 07.00 - 14.15


The Central Bank of Bahrain's mandate is prescribed in the Central Bank of Bahrain and Financial Institutions Law 2006. Article 4 of the same law specifies various specific duties and powers of the Central Bank. They include the issuance of the national currency; the licensing, regulation and supervision of persons undertaking regulated financial services; the provision of banking services to the Government; and managing the Kingdom's gold and foreign currency reserves.

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