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Central Bank of Armenia


Central Bank of Armenia Logo

The Central Bank of Armenia is the central bank of Armenia with its head office in Yerevan. The CBA is an independent institution responsible for issuing all banknotes and coins in the Armenia, overseeing and regulating the banking sector and keeping the government's currency reserves. The CBA is also the sole owner of the Armenian Mint.  The positive results of work with the international financial organizations opens new prospects for the realization of joint projects together with various economic institutes and large banks of the world.


There is integration of the Republic of Armenia and its Central Bank in the world community. CBA entitled to regulatory and supervisory functions for the Armenian financial sector. The purpose of a unified system was to create a single, independent and effectively combined supervision and regulation framework; to ensure a sustainable and normal-functioning financial system, and to make sure rights and lawful interests of users of financial services and products (banking, insurance, and securities operations) are protected adequately. CBA also known as 'Hayastani Kentronakan Bank' in Armenia.

The CBA maintains mutual cooperation with:

  •  International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  •  World Bank
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Asian Development Bank

The international cooperation has allowed the CBA to begin realization of the received credits on transformation system, maintenance of balance of payments, financing of private business, institutional and rehabilitation loans, and other similar programs.

Central Bank of Armenia HQ Location Map

Central Bank of Armenia
HQ Address: Central Bank of Armenia
Vazgen Sargsyan str.6
Yerevan – 0010
Republic of Armenia
Telephone: (374-10) 583841
Facsimile: (374-10) 523852
Swift Code: CBRAAM22
Currency: Armenia Dram
Banking Hours:
Monday - Friday : 9.00am to 6.00pm


The Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) was the first institution among its peers in the CIS countries that has moved to the fully-fledged inflation-targeting policy since January 2 2006. This policy provides that the primary goal of monetary policy, i.e. a low and stable inflation level is realized not only by following developments in the monetary base but also looking at other factors as well. In an inflation-targeting strategy, the primary tool is the refinancing (repo) rate which the Board of CBA sets each month.

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