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Bank of Ghana


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The Bank of Ghana (BOG) is the central bank of Ghana. It is located in Accra and was formed in 1957. On the 4th March 1957, just two days before the declaration of political independence, the Bank of Ghana was formally established by the Bank of Ghana Ordinance (No. 34) of 1957, passed by the British Parliament. By the middle of July 1957, all was set for the official commissioning of the new Head Office of the Bank on the High Street. 


The principal objects of the new central bank, as enshrined in the 1957 Ordinance, were to issue and redeem bank notes and coins: to keep and use reserves and to influence the credit situation with a view to maintaining monetary stability in Ghana and the external value of the Ghana Cedi; and to act as banker and financial adviser to the Government.

The primary objects of the Bank of Ghana are to:

 ♦ Achieve and maintain price stability;

 ♦ Promote and maintain the stability of the currency of The Ghana;
 ♦ Direct and regulate the financial, insurance, banking and currency system in the interest of the economic development of The Ghana;
 ♦ Encourage and promote sustainable economic development and the efficient utilization of the resources of The Ghana through the effective and efficient operation of a financial system.

In achieving the functions as mentioned above, the Bank commits itself to providing effective support functions through a sound banking and financial control system, appropriate information system and the development of competent and qualified staff.

Bank of Ghana HQ Location Map

Bank of Ghana
HQ Address: One Thorpe Road
Telephone: +233 30 2666 174
Facsimile: +233 30 2662 996
Currency: Cedi
Banking Hours:
Mon - Fri  :  8.30am - 3.00pm


The Bank of Ghana was also given the responsibility of establishing the discount rate and intervening to control interest rates. The Bank of Ghana are located in Accra, Ghana.

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