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Bank of Cape Verde


Banco de Cabo Verde Logo

The Bank of Cape Verde (Portuguese: Banco de Cabo Verde) is the Central Bank of the Republic of Cape Verde, and as such have the powers to ensure and regulate the creation, circulation and value of national currency. It is located in the national capital of Praia on Santiago in Cape Verde.


The Bank's mission is to maintain the price stability in the field of currency, credit and foreign exchange, the conditions most conducive to an orderly development of the economy. The primary role of Bank of Cape Verde is to supervised and control of various institutions operating in money markets and financial sector including insurance and capital markets.

The Bank of Cape Verde to perform the following additional functions:

advising the Government on matters of financial nature;

independently run monetary policy and exchange rate in Cape Verde;
collaborate with the Government in setting monetary policy and exchange aiming to achieve and maintain price stability; and
hold and manage the official foreign exchange reserves of the country and act as an intermediary in international monetary relations of the State.

Bank of Cape Verde HQ Location Map

Bank of Cape Verde
HQ Address: Avenida Amilcar Cabral 117
Cape Verde
Telephone: +238 61 55 29
Facsimile: +238 61 44 47
Currency: Escudo
Banking Hours: Mon - Fri : 0800 - 1500



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