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Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia Vietnam

Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia

Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia Plc (BIDC) is established by restructuring entirely Prosperity Investment Bank Plc (PIB) and has officially been operated in early September 2009. BIDC is the bank which has charter capital the second in Cambodia, according to modern banking structure including multiproposal business, providing banking services based on high technology and international banking standard. BIDC will serve and meet the needs of financial services, monetary payment, demand for capital and the modern banking services of the business community and the population classes of Vietnam, Cambodia. Special, BIDC will serve every long-term capital of Vietnamese enterprises which invest in Cambodia. The main operational goals of BIDC are to connect two financial markets of Vietnam - Cambodia and to provide full and perfect financial service packages for Vietnamese enterprises that invest in Cambodia and other economic sectors in Cambodian market, contributing to the development of Cambodian economy.


With the existing reputation and brand of BIDV, BIDC is known quickly by the financial markets and Banks of Cambodia. With its experiences, procedures and standards complying with international standards, BIDC has quickly expanded and normalized its operations following the model of modern banks, and professional activities.

  Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia
Category : Branches of Foreign Banks

Address :
110 Cach Mang Thang Tam
District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Telephone : (84 8) 6266 6999

Website :

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To connect effectively financial markets between Vietnam and Cambodia, especially direct payment channels between Vietnam and Cambodia, BIDC has opened new branch in Ho Chi Minh City in late December 2009, creating good conditions for Vietnamese enterprises which have investment and trade in Cambodian market, contributing to promote two-way import/export businesses as expected by two governments. BIDC would commit to the Government and National Bank of Cambodia that BIDC will quickly integrate and develop its potentials in Cambodia market, contributing to the development of financial markets in particular and the economy of Cambodia in general.

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