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Financial Services Agency

The Financial Services Agency (金融庁, Kin'yūchō) is a Japanese government organization responsible for overseeing banking, securities and exchange, and insurance in order to ensure the stability of the financial system of Japan. The agency operates with a commissioner and reports to the Minister of Finance. It oversees the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission and the 'Certified Public Accountants and Auditing Oversight Board'.

FSA and the representatives of the financial services industry have agreed on the key principles to be shared and respected when financial firms conduct their business as well as when the FSA takes supervisory actions. From this standpoint, in order to facilitate understanding of the FSA's programs and activities, links to documents and materials developed by respective divisions in charge of planning, inspection and supervision have been collated and made available for public reference.


FSA are headed by a Commissioner and reported to Minister for Financial Services. Its head office is located in Tokyo. The FSA is determined to continue its efforts in a timely manner toward raising the attractiveness of Japan’s financial and capital markets.

  Financial Services Agency (金融庁)
Category : Governmental Institutions

Address :
3-2-1 Kasumigaseki
Tokyo, 100-8967

Telephone : (+81) 3 3506 6000

Website :

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FSA also promote the implementation of measures that do not require legislation, such as the agreement with financial institutions and other relevant parties on ‘The Principles in the Financial Services Industry’ (April 18, 2008), and the efforts to improve the quality of financial regulation (Better Regulation).

Bank of Japan (BOJ) is not a regulatory authority under the Banking Act, but it conducts on-site examinations in order to maintain a safe and sound financial system. These examinations are based on bilateral agreements between the BOJ and financial institutions that have current accounts with it under the Bank of Japan Act.

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