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Institute of International Finance


Institute of International Finance Logo

The Institute of International Finance, Inc. (IIF), is the world’s only global association of financial institutions. Created in 1983 in response to the international debt crisis, the IIF has evolved to meet the changing needs of the financial community. Members include most of the world’s largest commercial banks and investment banks, as well as a growing number of insurance companies and investment management firms.


Among the Institute’s Associate members are multinational corporations, trading companies, export credit agencies, and multilateral agencies. Approximately half of the Institute’s members are European-based financial institutions, and representation from the leading financial institutions in emerging market countries is also increasing steadily. Today the Institute has more than 400 members headquartered in more than 70 countries. The Institute of International Finance is committed to being the most influential global association of financial institutions.

IIF strive to sustain and enhance the distinctive role on the basis of the professional excellence of the research, the unmatched breadth of  the membership, the extensive relationships with policymakers and regulators, and the strength of the governance.

In fulfilling this mission, the IIF’s main activities are to:

 • Provide high-quality, timely, and impartial analysis and research to the members on emerging markets and other central issues in global finance.

 • Systematically identify, analyze, and shape regulatory, financial, and economic policy issues of relevance to the members globally or regionally.

Institute of International Finance HQ Location Map

Institute of International Finance
HQ Address: 1333 H St NW
Suite 800E
DC 20005-4770
Tel: +1 202 857 3600
Fax: +1 202 775 1430
Banking Hours:
Monday - Friday : 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


• Develop and advance representative views and constructive proposals that influence the public debate on particular policy proposals, including those of multilateral agencies, and broad themes of common interest to participants in global financial markets.

 • Work with policymakers, regulators, and multilateral organizations to strengthen the efficiency, transparency, stability and competitiveness of the global financial system, with an emphasis on voluntary market-based approaches to crisis prevention and management.

 • Promote the development of sound financial systems, with an emphasis on emerging markets.

 • Provide a network for members to exchange views and offer opportunities for effective dialogue among policymakers, regulators, and private sector financial institutions.

 • Define, articulate, and disseminate best practices and industry standards in such areas as risk management and analysis, disclosure, corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

 • Support education and training efforts of the members in priority areas.

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